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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Whatever you wana call us, creation is the passion :)
so it goes like this..
Effie- Design
Debbie- Model
Jess- Photograph
Dean- Document.
Next on the agenda?
30th December - Alice in Wonderland Photo shoot.
Should be epic ;]

Monday, December 21, 2009


Okay, so I have a blog now.
Pretty snazzy :)
Iight, so this is where I introduce myself and shiz yeah?
My name's Francesca but everyone anyone slightly important in my life calls my Effie :]
2009 has been the best, cause I've finally found who I once was, who I am and who I wanna be. I'm an aspiring fashion designer. Sewing/designing has become my life. My sewing machine, better known as Lachlan, has become apart of me.
I go to Wyndham College. It's a year 11 and 12 school.. I can't stand it. Can't wait to finish. Hopefully I get into Billy Blue or any other epic design school.
My friends are pretty hectic... recently joined a group 'Ex Oh.'
Basically I make clothes, Jess takes pic, Debb models, Dean documents.
Kinda awshum.
I duno what else to talk about...

I'm a happy chappy.
I sorta wana talk about 2009.. but I'm gona save that for New Years Eve.

Im out mufukas.
x <3

"I'm gonaa be the love that's gona last and be the one that got yo back."